Southern Glazer’s top executives

It can be rare in the increasingly competitive wine and spirits world to get a fresh start, but that’s exactly what happened three years ago when two family owned, multigenerational mega distributors of alcohol beverages — Southern Wine & Spirits and Glazer’s — joined forces to become Southern Glazer’s Wine & Spirits (SGWS).

The Office

Burger King Miami and Ken Hortons in Toronto Canada in the office.  It’s not always easy but, it’s always fun to see what you can come up with.

Menu Food Photography

If your restaurant is local or international, I would like to show you how I can make your food look fantastic.  Having a great food stylist helps too.

Ryder Systems – Trucks and People

Townsend Photographics has been working with Ryder Systems since 1984.  I’ve photographed their fleet, people, events, editorial, corporate meetings, portraits, advertising, training and conventions.  Ryder people are wonderful to work with.


Portraits are the life blood of any employee.  It does your public relations for you.  Update your portrait, it’s important.  This portrait was taken for Southern Glazer’s.

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It’s All About the Money

Business is what makes the world go around.  Money and making it seem to go hand in hand.  We never have too much of it and it keeps us on our toes.  Terry majored in business in college and he knows how to get the best out of people who work it.  This picture was taken for IPC, the food distributor for Subway.

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It’s Not All About Driving

Another Ryder shot concentration is now on the mechanic’s.  Making a mechanic look good in a not so great looking environment.  Terry knows how to get your shot done and move on to the next project.


Business is Business.  You just have to love the people you surround yourself with.