Photography then and now, what’s the difference?

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    Photography in the 70’s when I first started. was built around trail and error.  Today I take a picture and voila there’s the picture on the back of my camera.  Some may say, look how easy it is now.  But, the same principles are still true.  Shutter speed and f/stops and lighting still matter and a person that knows how to use them along with you makes you a professional.  Sure, an iPhone will work, but try to blow it up to go on your wall.  It doesn’t look that great now, does it?  I used this camera in the ’80s and ’90s, it’s an 8×10 Wisner, I used it to photograph for companies that needed the finest quality they could get, it was that important.

    Can you imagine telling one of your employee’s to grab me a few shots?  Well, it’s all changed now.  But, wouldn’t you rather have a photographer that was brought up on knowing the old fashion way through trial and error and has that knowledge today for the digital world? Photography has always been my passion.  With 40 years of experience, 20 in film and 20 in digital.  Owner Terry Townsend, from Townsend Photographics, is the company to call.  Our experience shows.  

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