Ryder Systems – Trucks and People

Townsend Photographics has been working with Ryder Systems since 1984.  I’ve photographed their fleet, people, events, editorial, corporate meetings, portraits, advertising, training and conventions.  Ryder people are wonderful to work with.

Trucks on location

Hauling dirt to Airport extension

Trucks on Location or in the Studio.  Something, Terry loves to do.  It really shows in my work.

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It’s Not All About Driving

Another Ryder shot concentration is now on the mechanic’s.  Making a mechanic look good in a not so great looking environment.  Terry knows how to get your shot done and move on to the next project.

Ryder 5 Truck Line-Up

Working with Ryder since 1984.  Photographing the whole fleet in a white studio was not a easy task.  To make it even harder was that the fleet was all white with chrome and of course windshields.  Terry shot the fleet in Atlanta at the same studio that the Walking Dead is shot in.  That in itself, was fun to do.

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Ryder 5-Truck Line-Up

Photographing Ryder’s fleet of trucks.  This image is a composite of all the trucks photographed individually then put together in Photoshop.  I used a Hasselblad 50mp multi-shot camera in a studio in Georgia (where Walking Dead is filmed).  I wrapped the whole studio in white plastic including the ceiling, this made retouching easier.  I photographed each truck in 3 angles, like the single shot on this page.