Ryder Systems – Trucks and People

Townsend Photographics has been working with Ryder Systems since 1984.  I’ve photographed their fleet, people, events, editorial, corporate meetings, portraits, advertising, training and conventions.  Ryder people are wonderful to work with.


South Florida is a great place to have a convention.  Great hotels and great convention center.  Townsend Photographics has been photographing some of the biggest companies from around the world.  If you need a experience photographer to cover your event, your in luck.  Just give Terry a call, we are here to help.

Resort Photography

If you travel a lot you want to be comfortable.  If you are a hotel owner, you want pictures of your images to be great and to be true to what the place truly looks like.  These pictures were taken at the resort, High Noon, Lauderdale-by-Sea.


Portraits are the life blood of any employee.  It does your public relations for you.  Update your portrait, it’s important.  This portrait was taken for Southern Glazer’s.

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Trucks on location

Hauling dirt to Airport extension

Trucks on Location or in the Studio.  Something, Terry loves to do.  It really shows in my work.

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Healthcare is now more important than ever.  Professional photography for the healthcare industry is a must.  Terry, has worked with many of top hospitals in South Florida.

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Music and photography

Music and photography go hand in hand.  Product photography is easy my studio, Broncolor pull down lighting makes shooting a breeze.  Full cyc makes background colors easy to gel, join me anytime and watch product photography come to life.

Food Photography

What's for Dinner

Food Photography –  has always been one of my passions.  I love the whole concept of making someone hungry though the use of photography.

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Townsend Photographics has been photographing for many industrial clients for well over 20 years.  Construction is in Terry’s blood, his father was a construction worker and brought Terry to many job sites all over the country throughout his childhood.  Impressed with the BIG in construction.  This picture was shot for Florida Power and Light for their annual report.

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Always Searching

Nature is reason Terry started photography.  Being in nature makes my senses come alive.  Beauty is everywhere, we just have to open our eyes.  This photograph was taken in the mountains of South Carolina.

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It’s All About the Money

Business is what makes the world go around.  Money and making it seem to go hand in hand.  We never have too much of it and it keeps us on our toes.  Terry majored in business in college and he knows how to get the best out of people who work it.  This picture was taken for IPC, the food distributor for Subway.

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Perfect Storm

I live a block from the ocean, and rarely do you see waves as big as these on the Atlantic coast. I shot this before Hurricane Sandy.  Pompano Beach, FL.

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Perfect Burger – Burger King

79398 BK #5

Townsend  Photographics taking pictures for Corporate Burger King for over 30 years.  During that time Terry photographed, POP’s, training, events, menu displays, publications, portraits.  Terry’s other company TPI Multimedia produced a interactive DVD, ” The Perfect Fries,” utilizing stills, video and animation into a interactive training for their potato vendors.  Recently I shot for FutureStep, and we photographed recruitment posters and business operations for Tim Horton, sister company to BK in Canada.  We also photographed business operations at the corporate headquarters in Miami.

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Super Moon

This photograph was taken at High Noon Resort in Lauderdale-by- Sea, FL.  My client wanted to show off his location and how beautiful it was during a full moon.

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Fun Snacks

Food can be fun.  Bold colors make the image pop.  Working with my client to create a image for his packaging.  Working with a great food stylist is always a must.  We act as a team to make your product look great.

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It’s Not All About Driving

Another Ryder shot concentration is now on the mechanic’s.  Making a mechanic look good in a not so great looking environment.  Terry knows how to get your shot done and move on to the next project.

Ryder 5 Truck Line-Up

Working with Ryder since 1984.  Photographing the whole fleet in a white studio was not a easy task.  To make it even harder was that the fleet was all white with chrome and of course windshields.  Terry shot the fleet in Atlanta at the same studio that the Walking Dead is shot in.  That in itself, was fun to do.

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Anna Nichole Smith


Anna Nichole Smith at the Hard Rock in Hollywood, FL, before her death.  The picture was posted on the front page of the Miami Herald and newspapers and magazines all over the world.  Hired by the Hard Rock Casino, Hollywood, FL.  These pictures were taken on Nov. 22, 2004

Sun Surf Fun

Living in South Florida is so much fun.  If you want to see me smile, take me to the beach.


Trendsetting, is what all products want to do.  The more there product is out there, the better.  Social media is a way to promote your product.  It’s almost a necessity.  Bring your product to Terry, he’ll show you some new tricks.

Sugar Ray

Celebrity, Sugar Ray giving a motivational speech to a group of executives in Miami.


Business is Business.  You just have to love the people you surround yourself with.